Why TrezEx?

A wholly privately owned TrezEx Hungária Zrt. as the Brink’s C.L. Hungaria Zrt.’s successor has been a key player in the Hungarian cash logistics and CIT industry since 2013. In the domestic market we have more than two decades of experience, through all 5 branches – located in Budapest, Miskolc, Szeged, Pécs and Győr – providing cash logistics and CIT services to our Partners with national coverage.

The chief objective of us is to meet our clients’ needs with professionalism to the high quality standards required. We are wholly committed to tailoring our services to meet our Partners’ needs and consequently updating our service to maintain the highest standards.

Our company makes cash- and valuables transportation and banknote processing in accordance with the cash logistics industry’s most stringent standards. All our processing services can be relied on with state-of-the-art technologies, devices and software.

TrezEx offers the most comprehensive warranties and insurance in the industry, which covers all aspects of its activity. These services are guaranteed by Willis, who is insurance broker of Lloyd’s the premier insurance company of the world. We have the confidence in offering the highest degree of security and with a very low risk without compromising high valued valuables.

With all businesses to offer an excellent service it is important have the right skilled employees so we only employ the best. Training and development of our employees is ongoing to keep them at their best in the interest of our customers. Throughout our business, we exercise maximum prudence, we always comply with the laws and act ethically.

We boast outstanding references both in the banking and the enterprise/retail sectors.

To answer our Partners’ needs flexibly, quickly and efficiently, we maintain a non-stop Customer Care Centre program.

Since 2007, we have been applying the ISO 9001 quality assurance standards for all aspects of our activity.


We do everything to ensure our colleagues return home safely every day, the values entrusted to us is complete and treated with the highest responsibility for our Customers.


Our experts regularly follow changes and the technical developments in cash logistics, ATM operation and secure logistics. The acquired knowledge and experience in all cases we use to achieve our goals and to offer our partners continuously developing secure cash logistics services.


We believe only the bests can be market leaders. This is the key to the ongoing and steady development which includes continual technical and technological innovation and our staff’s continuous training, education.

4Customer focus 

We understand our Partners as in many cases they trust us values which replacements would often be an impossible task. That is why always the client, the entrusted valuables and safety are in the first place.