Processing cash and other valuables

Cash payment still plays a vital role in our society.

In Hungary beside electronic payment methods using cash in the retail sector is still the most common way of payment: cash needed for the cash desks of the shops and for over 4800 ATM’s nationwide. TrezEx  is providing this cash in the commercial sector and to the ATMs day after day.

Being a cash logistics and ATM operating service provider we can clearly declare playing an outstandingly important role in the process of cash recycling. TrezEx creates significant added value for its clients by processing its clients’ cash income, bank notes and coins at its Central Vault located in Budapest, in the fastest and safest way.

Following the overnight cash processing the cash income of our clients becomes available on their bank account the following banking day in the morning, creating immediate access to funds and thus, improving the cash flow of our business partners.

During our money processing of Hungarian Forint as well as foreign currencies we use the latest technology available at the domestic market. In our Central Vault our machines have an outstanding cash handling capacity and they run all tests of authenticity and negotiability required by law.

Which ever way you operate be it coins from parking meters or vending machines or banknotes paid with in a store we guarantee that the cash transferred to your account is genuine. We guarantee furthermore that we replenish the TrezEx operated ATM’s with banknotes of the highest quality only.

We immediately update the software of our processing machines when we are advised about any new forgery methods in Hungary or abroad. TrezEx also tests any modifications working closely with our supervisory authority the Cash Logistics Department of the National Bank of Hungary.

We continuously update our software, cash processing equipment as well as our money processing professionals in order to recognize the new security markers of the banknotes introduced by the National Bank.

As an auxiliary service when your cash income has been processed we provide you and your current account keeper bank with a process report in a format in line with your requirements.